• 60 minute LIVE class on hormone health
  • 60 page guidebook to help you continue learning about hormones
  • 4 week meal plan, grocery list, recipes, and meal prep guide
  • Bonus guides & cheat sheets

You'll walk away with:

It's time to hit refresh on your hormones with this course. Attend a live 60-90 minute class to learn the skinny on hormones. Get to know your body better with a 60 page guide on hormones and how they work along with a 4 week meal plan that will nourish your body and balance your hormones. 

30 Day Hormone Reset

Self paced course

*This is a pre-sale. What this means is you get an amazing deal on this course that will be ready for you by the week after Christmas so you can hit the ground running in the new year! You'll also get to be able to join the 60 minute workshop LIVE and ask questions!* 

4 Week meal plan with lists and weekly prep guide

Forget figuring this out on your own! You'll have a plan all laid out for you! All you have to do is implement it. 

a 60 page comprehensive
guide about hormones

This guide is the down and dirty on hormones. It really is quite comprehensive and will help you to understand your body and hormones better.  

60 minutes of high-quality, no fluff Class with me

You'll get the opportunity to attend this class live! You can listen and learn and of course I'll leave some time for Q & A  

here's what you'll get

I'm sharing all I've learned as a nurse and nutritionist so that you can finally focus on your life rather than your symptoms.

I know how busy and overwhelming being a mom can be. When you're fatigued, feeling off, or flat out just sick, it makes getting through a day feel like Mission Impossible. You can't focus, you feel stressed, and life is completely overwhelming. It's time to get off the #strugglebus.

I'm an RN turned nutritionist who is passionate about helping moms just like you!

Hey! I'm Becca